Effects Technical Director - Grad Reel
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Effects Technical Director - Grad Reel

Ashwath Thiraiam
by ashwaththiraviam on 3 May 2020

Proudly present my FX Grad Reel, at a time when I was a student at Lost Boys Studio | School of Visual effects

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Update - 3 May 2020

Am proud to share some of of FX work that I have worked when I was student at Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects. The palace of Visual effects where my dream came true.  I felt like X-Mansion of Vancouver where people of Lost Boys are helping mutants to show up the skills to the world and making them heroes.

In my reel, I have worked on Particles simulation, Cloth and Hair Simulation, Rigid Body, Vex Base Crowd System, Procedural Geometry and Shading. Please have  a look and I appreciate you for sharing your feedback.

Thank you 


Vellum Simulation

- Layered Cloth Simulation
- Hair and Cloth Interaction
- RBD and Vellum Simulation together
- Environment Texturing in Substance Painter and Designer
- Mantra Render

Rigid Body Simulation

 - Boolean Fracture.
- Procedural inner wall detail.
- Multi - Level Fracturing System.
- Added Debris and smaller rocks / stones and instanced to particles based on scale and Rotation.
- Pyro Simulation based on the age. 
 - Used Vellum for paper Simulation.
- Added pop grain with million of particles.

Procedural Geometry

- Adaptive vine growing system based on the normal direction
- Hanging vines based on gravity and procedural controls on bending.
- Volumetric lighting 
- Fully Procedural Building setup and controls on vines
- Leaf instance

Crowd System

- Whole Crowd system is based on VEX coding
- Replicated the chaos  Traffic system of Indian traffic
- Different decision like Break, Stop and reduce speed calculating distance between front and behind the car
- Signal System
- Break System using the gap measured between cars
- Soft Orientation of car based on the velocity matrix.
- Speed of car is increased or decreased depend on neighboring cars

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