Fernis - Owl cursed warlock

Fernis - Owl cursed warlock

Ficut Paul
by fepuno on 30 Apr 2020

My entry for the FlippedNormals challenge.

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Fernis - the owl cursed warlock -

My entry for the flippednormals warlock challenge. I know doing your own concepts is not recommended but I wanted to do something that takes me through some of my problematic areas. The entire character and props had to fit two 4k maps.

Wanted to have a lighter themed piece whilst maintaining the creepiness usually associated with the dark warlock class, kind of like a cute character from a souls-like game.

Highpoly done in Zbrush. Retopo and UV in Blender. Textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. I know Blender is generally rejected by the industry but I find it really helpful for standalone projects with the proper add-ons. Focusing on 3ds Max in the future. C&C are always helpful.

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