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ORPHEUS - Short film

ORPHEUS - Short film

Kevann Boussac
by kevann on 30 Apr 2020

William, bereaved, has to fight against his tragical past.

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Graduation project I did during my last specialization year @ NEW3DGE - PARIS

Realised with :

Kevann BOUSSAC, FX Artist -

Rudy BOURGOIN, Environment Artist -

Ornella SESSA , Animator -

Aleksander RUDNICKI, Environment Artist -

Jules DASSIÉ, Character Artist

Vincent VEUX, Character Artist

For the FX part which I was in charge, we wanted to have something oppressive, an unsecure feeling, for the viewer, throughout each sequences

The main idea was to have smoke getting closer and closer to William (the main character), during the entire movie and make him feel unconfortable, even if he doesnt want to see it..

                                                                                  THE FALL

The falling part is the moment when William switch from reality to his dream, where it all begins..

 I used the props around where he sit, use it as an emitter, simulate and export as a VDB into 3DMax , then use the RBG color from the objects which I assign to the smoke and render everything with V-ray

                                                                          THE CLOCK

The clock is a representation of the time going fast, giving William sign that there is something strange happening...

I did two differents particles setup, they are sliding on the wall at both sides in the same time, from where I simulated the smoke, that goes around the camera giving the impression of being envelopped by the smoke

                                                                              THE BAL

The bal sequence is the most important part of the movie, it is at this moment he is finally mourning the death of his wife...

This FX is made with only two pass, I first split the environment in two part. The upper part is just the geo emitting the smoke directly from the obj, the bottom part are particles driven down to the center of the scene, I then exported everything in 3DSMax, fade both simulation together and render it with V-ray

                                                                                  THE ENTITY

The idea behind the entity, was to have something similar to a dementor from Harry Potter, something dark, cold and mysterious.. Here's some RnD, trying to find out the most impactful looking

For this one, there is three different smoke pass, one for the entire body, one for the upper part (head) and the last one is the bottom part. I used the cloth as an emitter then fade all the simulation together. There is two differents pass for the particles with different Pscale for more variations

                                                               SHOTS FROM THE MOVIE

                                                                               FINAL WORD

Shoutout to my team mates for this project, it has been an hard year but we manage to finish it. It wouldn't be possible without all the hard work we put in! Congrat's guys

Thanks to all my classmates 

Also thanks to all the incredible teachers who helped with strong feedbacks, advices, help and positive attitude during the entire year

Special mention to the NEW3DGE staff, who does an incredible work, the best they can so we can achieve to have the best possible results

And of course, my familly, who I wouldn't be there without them...

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