(2018) FN P90 - Elijah McNeal Fan Art

(2018) FN P90 - Elijah McNeal Fan Art

CADINOT Alexandre
by cadinot on 28 Apr 2020

(Made back in 2018) Attempt at making the amazing Elijah McNeal's p90 concept art.

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The geometry has been made like a game ready asset (15k tris).
This project was an opportunity to test for the first time baking a highpoly model on a low one and make proper textures out of this.

As this project is quite old, I realize that the baking was not as good as it could have been, there's some visible errors there and there that i could fix today (2020) rather easily. The weapon in itself would have deserved a saving on the texture maps.

Also this was my first try at texturing an object 100% with Substance Painter.

The design is based on one of the amazing Elijah McNeal's concepts which you can find here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mKV5Y

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