Raveen Lakshan Pathirana
by rav4 on 28 Apr 2020

This is the final result of my first real time environment made inside of UE4 under Ryan Benno's Envioronment Art Mentorship.

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The goal of this piece was to learn UE4, aspects such as world aligned blend, vertex painting, detail normals, and even lighting to utimately contrive a compelling environment with a focus around organic creation.

All aspects were done by me expect for a few props, couple plants, and FX. Props were from "Kitbash3D Medieval Market", couple plants from Quixel Megacans and FX from "Infiltrator Demo" by Epic Games.

My assets including modular rock and materials. Also displays world aligned blend working in different angles and assets.

Rock sculpts made and decimated in Zbrush, baked in Marmoset and retopo in 3DCoat.

Video_01 showcases a simple world aligned snow blend.

Video_02 showcases a second type of snow, one that adds thickness.

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