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Emyn Beraid

Emyn Beraid

Arthur Fornara
by arthurfornara on 23 Apr 2020

Landscape project, inspired by the book of Tolkien, The Lord of the ring. 2nd year in animation 3D at Esma Montpellier

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Emyn Beraid, Lord of the ring, Tolkien. 

I imagined a landscape inspired by the lord of the rings of Tolkien, this placed is called Emyn beraid.

ON / OFF compositing.

At the start I wanted to place the towers in a plain, however I changed my idea and I created a forest, it was a very good opportunity to push my paint effect skills. 

I really like the colors created with the light constrast on the tower, between the moon and an articial light.

Thank for watching my work.

Arthur Fornara

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