Medieval BlackSmiths
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Medieval BlackSmiths

by mwoods94 on 23 Apr 2020

University live brief, we had a month to develop an environment of our choice, as long as it told a story. I wanted this environment to be full with plenty of tools, debris on the furnace and floor around it - to make it look lived in. Added details such as the shields and swords add to that story

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Update - 23 Apr 2020

Live Brief project from Ubisoft, in which we were to create an environment that tells a story. I wanted to produce this scene to look as if it was currently lived in.

The furnace itself was created using a high poly model within zbrush, using ID masks to manipulate the different brick colours. I wanted to recreated the unique brick look from my reference material, perhaps this could've been done with a trim sheet but I wanted the practise of this workflow.

The shield was my first attempt at ornate designs, using zbrush to create the high poly and then from that, a low poly. 1024 Texture size.

Shield Embeded Marmoset Viewer:

Medieval Anvil Embeded Marmoset viewer:

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