Deadly Swamp Of Bloodstone Forest

Deadly Swamp Of Bloodstone Forest

Seow Yong Khin
by yongkhin on 14 Mar 2019

A key art for my group ( project called Redemption. During Vulcan's journey in the Bloodstone forest, He faced his first obstacle. Living evil trees known as the Dark Puppet appeared and stabbed him with its shooting thorn and he was dragged into the swamp by living seaweed. He's trying to set himself free.

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My planing process

This is a scene when Vulcan was on the journey to find the antidote to save his son’s life but in the Bloodstone Forest, he was attacked by evil trees and being dragged by vines into the swamp thus suffocating him. He needs to find a way to break free. ⠀

I start by writing down what's happening in the scene and highlight some key words. Later, I search for reference and sketched out some composition thumbnails.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

After choosing and developing a composition that I like, I do some color thumnails. Here are some notes by my lecturer.

Process view

Final outcome

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