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Kazuhiro Sakata
by sakakan on 14 Mar 2019

I created Orizinal Godzilla. Made using Zbrush and Photoshop. take time is 2 weeks.

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I created Orizinal Godzilla.


In recent years, large earthquakes have occurred in many parts of Japan.

When the Japanese government investigated each place for the cause elucidation, it turned out that there is a reaction of the super large living body from the underground crater of Mt. Fuji.

The government found that earthquakes were taking place in various places about the awakening of life being close

I will work out the measures, but at last the creature will wake up with the eruption of Mt. Fuji.


Because I woke up at the volcano's underground crater,

The body is crappy like lava and has heat in the body.

The back fins and projections collect the heat of the magma,

It can radiate from the back to the chest and from the chest to the mouth.


There are more protrusions than normal Godzilla, in order to escape the enormous heat from the body

It is to release the heat by increasing the wide area.

Also, the chest is slightly pointed

It is necessary to transfer the heat from the back to the chest once to release the heat rays,

At that time, it is a saucer to protect the chest from heat.

The only weakness is when you have a fever in your chest,

It also plays a role in protecting the heart.

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