Ozul's Brew N' Blade
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Ozul's Brew N' Blade

Amber Nicole Atkinson
by aatkinso on 17 Apr 2020

I present to you, my senior thesis Ozul's Brew N' Blade! At Ringling College of Art and Design I handled the complete pipeline process of making a game. This was a solo project and is my baby. Please enjoy my spooky level.

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Update - 17 Apr 2020

Thank you for viewing my Senior thesis! I hope you enjoyed it!

Ozul's Brew N' Blade is inspired by Diablo and Borderlands art styles, it allows players to create custom powerful brews for unique weapons in a dark demon world. As a senior at Ringling, I created a fun and playful pinball type experience where you play as a skull girl starting her first job in the potions shop! By mainly keeping the Diablo influenced soft detailed materials on all assets, I was able to add the Borderlands comic styling to just the objects that are to be interacted with to help the player navigate. As well as ease the eyes and allow the viewer to traverse my world without feeling overwhelmed.

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