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Weekly Drill #3 | Bronze Age Pottery Double Vessel
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Weekly Drill #3 | Bronze Age Pottery Double Vessel

Romane Cordier
by romanecordier on 17 Apr 2020

My entry for The Rookies' third Weekly Drill : Museum Artifact

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Update - 19 Apr 2020

Textured the pots in Substance Painter and did my final render in Marmoset Toolbag

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Update - 19 Apr 2020

Added details in ZBrush yesterday

And did the retopology and UV Unwrapping on 3DS Max and the Baking in Marmoset Toolbag today

Update - 17 Apr 2020

Hello !
So, for this weekly drill, I decided to make a Bronze Age pottery, inspired by this ref I found on the Museum of The world website.

I started by making a base with the ProBoolean in 3DS Max and imported it in ZBrush, remeshed it with the ZRemesher and added a bevel at the junction between the two vessels.

I subdivised it and used the Slice Curve to break the jar before adding a thickness with Pannel Loops