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Diego - "Little Disorder"

Diego - "Little Disorder"

Armen Pamokdjian
by armenpamok on 17 Apr 2020

Hi ! I'm happy to present you Diego, the main character I was in charge for my short student movie "Little Disorder", during my final year as facial rigger and character modeler. Sculpt made on Zbrush, retopology in Maya, same for the whole facial rigging process and blendshapes . I used DPK BCS as blendshapes system.

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Diego's facial gym. Showing the ranges of the rig.

Groom : Alicia Sabot

Lookdev : Camille Dubois

Body rig : Niels Dervieux

Animation : Antoine Gregoire

Original concept : Loline Bongiraud

Diego's turntable.

Poster Short student movie "Little Disorder"

Groom : Alicia Sabot

Diego's surfacing : Camille Dubois

Props modeling : Camille Dubois, Loona Fruhinsholz

Teddy's surfacing / props surfacing /  : Loona Fruhinsholz

Lighting / compositing : Loona Fruhinsholz, Alicia Sabot

Posing : Antoine Gregoire

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