Aylin Songor
by aylinsongor on 13 Mar 2019

Tinker is my final project/demo reel for VFS. It contains my short film Tinker and Vfx breakdowns and lighting/ compositing breakdown of The Tentacle which is a side project that I collaborated with David Bitran.

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Tinker is a short about a magical orb, wandering around a desk full of memories and enchanting them along the way.

It is made as a final project at Vancouver Film School's 3D animation and Visual Effects Program. The video contains Tinker the short movie, VFX breakdowns and compositing breakdown of The Tentacle by David Bitran which I contributed as a lighting and compositing artist.

While making Tinker my main aim was to practice and learn how to use a interactive light on set to create a more believable CG light integration. In addition to that I wanted to add a different VFX challenge to every shot.

I hope you enjoy it!

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