Anubis - God of Death

Anubis - God of Death

Maximilian-Bastian Jonas
by polyfestation on 13 Apr 2020

Anubis, the God of Death always fascinated me with his mythology and many roles he played in ancient Egypt Mythology. Out of the many Egypt Gods he has this mighty feel to him, judging over the dead and guarding them so I tryed to give him this sublime but friendly appearance.

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Anubis - The God of Death, a full VFX production ready Character I did for practice over the last moths since I graduated from University. My main focus was to picture him as the God he is, calm but mighty and sublime.

Some breakdown Immages of my ZBrush and Substance Process

Inspired by Kevin Sidharta's awesome Anubis Concept

Short explanation of my process:

I started in ZBrush for the Blockout of the Character, Maya to retopologize and block the Armor and Assets, from there on I went back to ZBrush to completely finish off everything needed in there before uving back in Maya and baking my Displacements with the MME inside ZB. I had a setup of 26 UDIMs and used the workflow of decimating your mesh to have it in its High poly shape for Substance Painter. All the Textures are procedural so I didn't have to paint over UV seams and just adjust where needed. The Skin, Metal and Fabric Textures from Substance Source came in handy heree. After the Character was ready I sculpted a few Environment assets to use for atmosphere and mood around him and gave them a quick Texture from Substance Source. Only thing left after that was assembling everything properly inside Maya and Render it out with VRay. Since I never really used Displacement mixed with UDIM's that was a little tricky for me but in the end I found a way to tweak the ones needed individually.

More info on the Characters Mythology:

Anubis has gone through multiple depictions as god of death, cemeteries, embalming, mummification, judgement over the dead and guard of the afterlife.

He is often depicted as a Jackal or Man with a Jackal head, having a scale with him that has a white feather in one bowl. When you die, he weights your Heart against the Feather. When you lived a good and unweighted life, the Feather will be heavier and you get to travel over the Nil into the Kingdom of Osiris, the afterlife.

The "Ankh" or "Anch" has gone through some changes in its meaning through the ancient periods but its meaning always circled around Life as itself, later immortality or never ending Life. So it fits him perfectly as the one to collect the dead.

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