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Stendebach Model 1936

Stendebach Model 1936

Erika Madsen
by emadsen on 8 Apr 2020

The Stendebach Model 1936 Rifle is a small project completed during my time at Think Tank Training Centre. I am excited to be able to share it, and hope that you enjoy!

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This is the Stendebach Model 1936; a prototype semi-automatic rifle. To take a look at the original reference material, you can go to the Rock Island Auction Company's detailed breakdown:

It's a very cool piece, with some specific damages and markings that I was excited to replicate as photo-real as I could.

Aside from the base mesh which was modeled by Fabian Kolb, all other components were done by me. This included the sculpting, texturing, lighting and rendering. 

The music in my video is Boztown by Malaga.

The Grey Shaded model and the Wireframe.

Diffuse and Roughness Maps.

Metalness and Bump Maps.

The final Beauty render.

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