Bloody Meadow Institution [UE4]

Bloody Meadow Institution [UE4]

De Regge Gilles
by dereggegilles on 9 Apr 2020

Bloody Meadow Institution is an abandoned, overgrown asylum where a strange bloody substance is taking over.

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Bloody Meadow Institution, an abandoned asylum where nature and a strange bloody substance is taking over this haunted building.

I have done everything myself except for the marble floor and the vegetation (Megascans). I wanted to create a building where nature/vegetation is slightly taking over. Halfway the project I realised I wanted to add a story element, I was looking for something eerie, unnatural. Something that would fit the asylum building. That is how I ended up with Bloody Meadow Institution.


The main concept I started from is from Andrzej Dybowski: 

The idea for the bloody substance came from Stefan Koidl's concept:


Short overview of the process

Breakdown materials and use of vertex painting

Thank you for your time!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved making it. Any feedback is more than welcome!

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