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Bruno Mathsson - Mina

Bruno Mathsson - Mina

Victoria Näslund
by vmndesign on 31 Mar 2020

A presentation of swedish craftmanship, Bruno Mathssons armchair with sheepskin with a frame consisting entirely of bend-glued beech. Part of a schoolproject of an mockup exhibition at Landskrona art gallery 2019

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Bruna Mathsson - Mina, chair created for a schoolproject 2019.

Mina, armchair, Mi425 is a very beautiful armchair designed by Bruno Mathsson in 1978. The shapes of the armchair give a soft and inviting impression and Mina also has a fantastic comfort. An honest Swedish craft to enjoy. Mina armchair is available in saddle-made, linen-made, sheepskin and leather strap designs. The armchair is also available with lovely sheepskins in four different colors. The frame consists entirely of bend-glued beech.

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