Summoning The Stitcher Plane
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Summoning The Stitcher Plane

Will Jennett
by willjennett on 30 Mar 2020

This is an effect i will be creating in UE4 as my rookies submission. It will be creating the aesthetic of a form of magic I have been designing.

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Update - 30 Mar 2020

I have decided to test my real time VFX skills and create a magical spell effect.  This effect will be the summoning of a sentient force of the stitcher plane.  The stitcher plane is what is left of a plane of harmony inhabited by  god of order Vayneus. This great old one was responsible for counteracting the effects of entropy on the universe between the planes. He was slain by a trickster god Bel'adrin.  In his absence the plane he left behind became corrupt and where once was a blissful resonance began a hideous vibration of discord.  This grew until the discord became sentient and became lustful.  Wishing to bind all forces into one the stitcher plane began to seep into other planes and where it emerges nightmarish chaos follow. 

I  will be designing the look of this magic and the way  it interacts with other planes. I will start out by planning out the sequence of the key shots of the effect and then breaking them down into the various layers. I will be using Houdini and Unreal engine for this effect and I hope to focus on creating a short polished piece that shows narrative. 

first the shot will begin with a pan to the front cover of the book. the main effects here will be subtle wind and dust particulate. 

the camera will focus on an open book with dust and cobwebs attached to it to show it has not been touched in a long time. 

As the dust settles the geometric shapes on the page being to pulse and glow. The font should also show signs of the magic pulsing through it.

Then the shapes on the page will become 3D and rise out of the page leaving behind glowing portals to the stitcher plane.  this will seem to pulsing and warping with unnatural fire. 

these shapes will form into a rotating piece of sacred geometry and being to draw the ink off of page. The ink will behave like magnetic putty. 

This ink then forms into thick bands that as they spill over themselves it will ultimately move towards the sacred shape.  they will begin forming vein like shapes over the surface of the book and table.

The black ooze will really ramp up into a full rotation around the central shape and the central shape will form into a ball. the amount of ooze pouring out of the portals will increase as the eye gains form and strength. 

The ichor will calm down at this stage and join with the central coulomb forming into a tick stalk which will stabilise the veins will pulse and twist across their surface. the eye will turn to look at the camera and it will begin to shake. 

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