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Batman fan art - Entry 01 for Rookies Awards 2020
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Batman fan art - Entry 01 for Rookies Awards 2020

Aldo Del Valle
by aldodelvalle on 29 Mar 2020

Hi! Here is my entry for Rookie Awards in order to receive feedback. I already uploaded it within the Game Development, but I can't find a way to make it visible without terminating it. All comments will be well received and appreciated. I hope you like it. Thanks for visiting my post.

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Update - 13 May 2020

This entry has finished now!  as a draft, ready to participate. There are more images in the draft, including development and a turntable. Hope you like it.

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Update - 11 Apr 2020

Some steps more on Zbrush. It has no textures at all yet, because I will do that in Mari and Zbrush again. Soon.

There are some items left on the belt, finish the mask and face, correct details, but I think there is little left for this stage, before going on to retopo and UVs.

Update - 29 Mar 2020

Batman fan art - Entry for Rookie Awards 2020

I put this entry for the contest in "Play by Play" mode, since I liked receive feedback for it.

That includes indications about the contest itself, as  I haven't found a way to make visible to everyone my entry in the contest as such, but without finishing the project.

Regarding the character, I'm still in the initial phase deciding shapes and so on, but that stage is almost over. I continue with the similarity in the face and details before retopology and textures.

All your comments will be welcome and appreciated.

Thank you very much for visiting my post.