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Montserrat Ramirez
by briellamonz on 12 Mar 2019

This is a representation of how time passes by and how we can find beauty in simple things such as light traveling across a room in a cabin in the woods. Llum is my first lighting reel, and it was my final project for the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program at Vancouver Film School.

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The name "Llum" comes from the Catalan translation of the word "light" since I wanted the illumination to be the main subject of this work. The environment acts like a blank canvas where the light paints the space with different colors. You are watching how the light interacts with the space, adding new shapes and patterns to it. 

To emphasize the concept I kept the cameras as static as possible. I wanted the light to be the only movement in the entire short. This would help me to make the viewers to focus on the movement, flickering, and thechange of tones of the main subject, the light.

My main goal was to make the viewer to feel an emotion without using words. So with the transition between different times of the day, I tried to create an almost dreamy atmosphere. Making this project allowed me to experiment with light, and I could say that was one of the most fun things to do in this project.

Designing the space from scratch was, without doubt, one of the struggles on this project, but at the end was like building my future dream house in the woods. So it was quite entertaining to visiting home decor websites and picking the furniture for this house without having a limited budget.

While I was picking my furniture I tried to gather as many information that I could. I tried to look for the dimensions, materials, images from different views and details, even looking for videos and orthographical views. After that, I would put all the information or most of it on a design sheet for each asset, so I could get easy access to all the information I could need about it. That research helped me a lot while modeling and texturing my assets since I had a reference from everything.

Some of my inspirations on this project were "The Third and The Seventh" by Alex Roman, Blade Runner, Ex-Machina, Equals and countless hours watching the "The Most Extraordinary Homes" show.

Here's a general shot of the Architectonical Space. 

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone that supported me through the creation of this project, especially my mentors, teachers, and classmates. Thanks to my talented classmate Kara Vallega, who collaborated with the project compositing it and helping me to achieve what I had in mind while creating it.

I hope you enjoy my project as much as I did making it!

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