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Mr. X Tyrant Fan Art

Mr. X Tyrant Fan Art

Flavian Josca
by flavianjosca on 25 Mar 2020

This is a project I've worked on a few months ago, it's a fan art of Mr X (Super Tyrant) from Resident Evil 2. For this project, my objective is to learn the game character workflow and to learn about topology for game character while staying true to the source material.

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Aesthetics and anatomy played a major part in how i approached sculpting this guy as well.

With substance painter, I could add a lot of color variations easily with the tools available to me in it as an attempt to not have the textures feel flat as much as possible.

I wanted to make sure for this character that the topology was functional and usable for production. I even had a friend of mine do a simple rig on it for me to make the final pose in.

The total polycount for this model is 34312 Total Tris

Concept Art taken from Resident Evil 2: Remake.

Special thanks to my Lecturers at 3dsense media school and my friends for the help throughout this project.

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