Portal Room KOR-52

Portal Room KOR-52

Chaime Boonen
by chaime on 24 Mar 2020

This is an Unreal Engine (school) project. One room out of my whole space station level. This room is the connection to home - earth. As human space colonists survive here by living in a self sufficient space station. Using the planets massive amounts of water to generate power to keep the link to home alive.

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This project is made in Unreal Engine. It uses Baked static lighting and is playable in real-time.

All meshes are made by myself using 3dsMax(modeling+unwrap+lightingUV+collisionshapes).

Materials are mostly Unreal shaders and some substance painter materials.

Nearly all props use a material based on 1 and the same trim texture. (for Normals, Roughness, and AO)

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