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Pirate Tavern Themed Barrel

Pirate Tavern Themed Barrel

by jakwalker on 13 Mar 2020

A basic 3D model of a standard barrel based around the pirate era but more specifically a pirate tavern type object.

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  Pirate Themed Barrel

Polycount: 640

A low poly model of a standard barrel based upon a pirate tavern theme. The model was created using the 3D modelling software Maya which only used 640 polygons as the assignment requested at the overall polycount be no higher than 5000. The barrel was modelled using a more standard and basic look to fit in with the old and pirate-themed design. The final piece was then rendered using Arnold in Maya's render settings once the texture map and been placed on.

Also, whilst texturing I made sure I created textures which fitted around the pirate era so that my model was specific to that time. Whilst rendering, I placed an HDRI over the dome light to receive a better quality render to add more realism to the model. 

I used both cylindrical and planar UV settings to achieve the UV map to be able to texture without any errors. For the top and bottom of the barrel model, I created their UV maps using the planar setting and then for the middle cylinder part of the model I used the cylindrical setting when creating the UV map so that I could achieve the best possible result for texturing.

Pirate Tavern Scene

Once I finished the base model for the barrel, I then went on to create a scene with the barrel along with other models to fit in around the pirate tavern theme. I textured the walls and changed the dome light to yellow in the render view so that it would bring out that moody tavern look I was attempting to create.

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