Portrait of Whang Od

Portrait of Whang Od

Halime Maloof
by halimemaloof on 1 Mar 2020

Likeness study of tattoo artist Whang Od.

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Likeness study of tattoo artist Whang Od.

There's this photo I've seen everywhere around the internet and I always found it really interesting, so I wanted to make sort of a tribute to it. 

Even though I started this piece by myself, I don't think it would have ended up looking like this if it wasn't for the amazing Tran Ma with all the feedback to make the model better and mainly all the knowledge she shares in her Texturing class at Gnomon.

Sculpted in Zbrush, Textured using Mari, Tattoo pattern stamps were done in Photoshop to send to Mari, Necklace and earrings texture in Substance Painter, Hair done with Xgen, Retopology, UVs and Render in Maya using Vray.

Final portrait is based in a lot of references form a lot of years, so it is kind of what I could make to try to show her essence.

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