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Humanity 2019

Humanity 2019

Dubois Aaron
by daaron on 21 Feb 2020

Hello everyone, Today, i'm glad to show you my end-of-studies project ! (june 2019)

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With my friends Alexia Debry and Boris Vandenbosh, we create this short movie in 3 month for Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (Namur, Belgium),

That was a really good challenge to realize, we keep good memories during there 3 hard months,

My participation was scuplting, texturing of statues/ ocean/ underwater scene 1/ several furnitures modeling/ plants/ modeling,texturing,animation of bar/ modeling, animation, texturing of luster/ modeling of dome/ modeling, texturing of corridor/ all render settings/ a part of compositing.

that's with passion and pain that I present you this work,

we will hope you appreciate our work.

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