Elle R'hur
by fantelle on 19 Feb 2020

Tamnid was a pitch project, for which I needed a creature, prop, and style. This project was never actualized and has no final images, but I thought I'd share the concept art! All by me, but if anyone wants to pitch in and make this an actual show, let me know lol!

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Snippets from the horizontal design process (brainstorming phase).

Vertical design: refining the direction I want to go in. This was when I incorporated the story elements as well.

Final design and some potential color schemes.

Designing a prop (saddle) to go with the creature.

Showcasing 3 different levels of detail that would be present in the show:
1. Lineart with cellshading for anything that's animated
2. Stylized painting for backgrounds and background props
3. Detailed painting with photo textures for background/prop close-ups

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