Dwarf - Vaghek Heavysunder
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Dwarf - Vaghek Heavysunder

by gustavoordonez on 17 Feb 2020

Character Im creating that was done for Think Tank Online Mentorship. His name is Vaghek Heavysunder

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Update - 14 Jun 2020

Hey everyone! Its been a while since I've posted an update! If you havent checked out my rookies entry heres a latest render!

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Update - 20 Mar 2020

After some more tweaking of shaders and textures here are some test renders of the Dwarf and his hammer. For the dwarf I focused on the subsurface of him and also the skin tone as before he was looking a little to orange. And also the specular levels, his specular levels were very diffuse before, I feel now it is satrting to look more skin like.

On the hammer I also tweaked the specualr of the main hammer part as it was looking a little like stone ( I hope it still doesnt) and also added some moss to add a bit more interest and break up the brown overall.

To give you a bit of an idea how the shader grapgh for the Dwarf looks like

Update - 6 Mar 2020

A bit of an glimpse of my progress so far! More indepth update to follow! Over the last 2 weeks Ive been working on refining the skin texture, texturing the eyes and started texturing/look dev the Dwarfs hammer.

Update - 17 Feb 2020

Hi Everyone! Sharing my progress of a charcter I created for the Mentorship at Think Tank Online. Above is a progress render of the Dwarf so far. The skin was built up using different layers starting from base projection of textures from TexturingXYZ and painting layers (e.g. capiliries, dead skin, freckles, imperfections etc) on top to make the skin more complex.

My aim for him is to create as photoreal a character I can using the knowledge I gained at Think Tank Online (Thank you everyone at Think Tank)

Hope you enjoy!

Below is a quick turntable to give you an idea of what the Dwarf looks like:

Above is Process View of the progression of the Dwarfs skin. The face was textured in Substance Painter although because the Dwarf is split up into UDIMS painting in Substance became a bit tricky so I decided to finish painting the face in Mari.

Below is a turntable of the skin texture so far!

A few renders of my progress so far, there is still a ways to go before its finished but I hope you all like the progress so far! Next step is to refine the skin texture a bit more and start on the texture of the eyes.

Stay tuned!