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DIGIDOUBLE | Realistic self-portrait

DIGIDOUBLE | Realistic self-portrait

Aurélie DURET
by sveut on 16 Feb 2020

School project made during my third year at ESMA Toulouse. It was the first time for me to work on a realistic humain-being render. Every advice is welcome, all your opinions matter to me and to allow me to always do better in the future !

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Process :

- 3D scan with 3DF Zephyr - Wrap with 3DWrap - Displacement sculpt in Zbrush - Additionnal displacement / bump with XYZ maps - Texturing of the face with Mari - Texturing of the accessories / cloth with Substance Painter - Groom with Houdini - Rendering with Renderman & Maya - Compositing / Editing with Nuke


AOV maps I used for compositing + wireframes !

Some funny wips because why not !

Because I've done A LOT of wips so it would have been a shame not to share :P

- bald head sculpt
- Skin texturing failzzzz
- Evolution of the eyes
- Some kinds of gromming mistakes

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