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Joe Rodrigues
by usul on 16 Feb 2020

Projet réalisé dans le cadre du cours d'initiation Unreal Engine a New 3dge.

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Corridor SciFi

Project carried out during Unreal's course at New3dge. Concept Art of the door by Paul Pepera.

Although this was my first project on Unreal, I really had fun bringing it to life. Both in modeling like texturing, lightning or Fx, this software made me dream!

Process :

So I started to model the big shapes of my assets on 3DsMax, then I quickly turned with constantly Max, Unreal and Photoshop open. Apart from the Alien assets, the modeling was mainly done on Max and the texturing was done on Unreal. Once my tests are finished (Size, Lights, Build my scene, Texturing), I finished modeling my assets, then I unfolded them with 3DsMax and finally, I was able to integrate them definitively in Unreal in order to start to use them texture with Master Materials. I included my lights in Blueprints then I started to detail my scene by adding dust, puddles with VertexPaint, decals, and Fx (Smoke, particles, and fog). Finally, I started to do my post process, with the different parts of Unreal and the LUT. Then I placed my camera and made my renderings.

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