The world creation from Norse mythology

The world creation from Norse mythology

Maxime Truchon
by mtruchon on 15 Feb 2020

This is a project for me and for a friend. François is a good friend of mine who started broadcasting on Twitch. His channel grew extremely fast and I offered my help to create an opening video for his channel. This video play while he set up everything, people can enter the chat room and have something to watch.

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I helped a friend to push his broadcast to the next level.

friend Brief - Based on northern mythology, before our age, there were two lands: one of cold and ice and one of burning fire. From these worlds was born the first two entities: a giant and a cow. From those two was born the first god: Odin, a shapeshifter taking more often than not the shape of a wolf. Odin killed his father, and in the chaos, the world as we know it was created. The first men, the vegetation, our society.

François is a friend of mine and a historian that started a channel on

He started the project recently and gained in popularity extremely fast.

He only plays video games based on historical events

He tells his viewers which games respect real historical events, what has been romanced and changed.

His channel is growing extremely fast

With the new traffic, François wanted a new opening show. I offered my help and did this personal project for him and for me.   

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