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Outer World

Outer World

Maxime Truchon
by mtruchon on 15 Feb 2020

A personal attempt at grid and glitch aesthetic, which evolved into a personal reflexion about the futur of space exploration

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An exploration of a different art style

Outer Worlds is a personal attempt at grid and glitch aesthetic.

It evolved into a personal reflexion about the future of space exploration.

It was at its essence an attempt at perfectioning/understanding a style I hadn’t really touched.

At some point, I saw the potential of the scenes I created and I wrote a small script. Still, it was quite a liberation to follow my creativity and my ideas without following some sketch or a storyboard.

Interstellar, 2001 a Space Odyssey and Alien were quite an inspiration.

They were impactful in the choices of colors and the ideas presented. 

The tools used were diversified

 I used 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and After Effects for the visuals, Fl studio and audition for sound design. Photoshop and Illustrator for assets creation

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