Maxime Truchon
by mtruchon on 15 Feb 2020

Odds are clear, the universe is so vast, there must be a planet similar in all form to Earth, somewhere, out there. But in the distance, would life have evolved just like on our home planet, or would it have evolved into something weirdly familiar?

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Exoplanet is a short project inspired by a scientific fact. As we know the universe, how vast it is and how long it has been active, chances are extremely high, somewhere, in the time and space continuum, that there is an exact copy of the Earth.

This project is my take on the fact, I imagined a world similar in all form to our home planet, but in a way where nature evolved slightly differently. A world where sharks can swim in lava, a world where chickens haven't evolved that far from their apex ancestor, a world where the moon is blood red and known as no men land.

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