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Visual effects in movies and games have always inspired me. I've made it my mission to create the best CG artwork I can.

When my son was born, I realized that I want to create something to share with him.

I realized I wanted to work in film and animation when I was fourteen. My parents exposed me to many great classical films and animations, and when I was fourteen I realized a career in media and entertainment was something I wanted to pursue.

When I first created a video game by watching notepad video tutorials

Senior year of high school, when I first learned 3D modeling!

From the start. My appreciation for interactive media started when a piece of interactive entertainment elicited a life-changing emotional reaction in me when I was very young (see: terror caused by the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland). Now, I get to actually enjoy interactive media, and that makes it even better.

Ever since I was a little kid, playing video games, my passion for gaming led me to pursue the path of a game developer at USC studying computer science (games).

İn high school when I started playing CoD

10th Grade! I took a computer science class, and instead of coding applications and doing puzzles, I found myself coding games, gacha mechanics, and RPGs! I've always been drawing and coming up with narratives and ideas for worlds that don't exist yet, so merging the two worlds came naturally once I realized Game Design was a career that existed!

Sophomore year of college after volunteering on a game project

Fascination with Japanese Manga in my childhood inspired me to create worlds on paper and consider a career as a creator. This passion led me to enroll in the Design Department at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, where I explored and developed my artistic vision through graphic design, photography, commercial video, and animation. Completing my graduation short film, One After Another, solidified my identity within the creative industry.

I realized I wanted to work in creative industries when I decided to apply to Professional Performing Arts School at the age of 11. Since then, I have continued my studies at LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts and worked professionally as an actor in theatre, film, and TV. I’ve enjoyed storytelling which can engage audiences emotionally. This experience has helped me create characters in video games with goals, stakes, and choices that players can empathize with and stories with hooks.

Since I was in elementary school.

When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to be an artist but I wasn't sure how I would be able to make a living making art and pursuing my interest. But then, I found the games industry and I realized that people can indeed make a living making immersive worlds for people to get lost in, and I was hooked then and there.

On a whim, I attended my high school district's student festival. I was always interested in art as a hobby but after seeing my peers and the incredible work during this night, a passion was lit within me. I knew I had to submit something for my school district's next annual festival. That very night I got home, I started storyboarding and concepting stories to create an animation. A year later I submitted this project but more importantly found a passion I wanted to pursue.

I've always known I wanted to work in a creative industry, I just couldn't figure out which exact field for the longest time. All I knew was that I loved to draw and I wanted my creativity to be able to reach people. In high school, I figured that I will try to achieve this goal through studying game design, which is what brought me to USC. However, now I am realizing that there are many other paths I could take to reach my goal while improving my craft.

I have always been interested in arts since I was young. I was not sure what to pursue and ended up in information technology for my undergrad. It was a marvel movie when i was wating was the end creditsand saw the names of all the people i wanted my name to be a part of it. I realized i can combine my interest for art and my knowledge in computers. So now I am grad student at USC learning may things related to computer graphics and looking for a career opportunity.

Sophomore year of highschool

Highschool, I took graphic design, game design, film and radio broadcasting