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Back then when I was fifteen and a passionate about drawing, creation in general, I was in a difficult period, full of stress and anxiety. My only stress-reliever was playing videogames, discover new stories, characters and marvelous worlds through that media and i realized that I wanted to be a part of it, to create what will help other people to forget their struggles and and have a good time playing a game that I've worked on.

A long time ago, in the 1990s, I dreamt about making video games and went to art school. Life and opportunities were what they are in 2000, and I dropped-off and went into the next best thing, a career in tech. The world then stopped with Covid, and I decided it was finally time to go back to my initial aspirations. 2023 has been for me one of the best year ever for animations, and I realised what I like is actually telling stories no matter the medium.

I’ve always been a big fan of video games and animation films but I started to get really interested in it and think about finding a job in those industries when I was around 14 years old. I started looking on the internet where I could learn 3D and I found out that the SAE Institute Geneva were at the “Salon des métiers” who’s a convention about finding jobs. So I went there and talk with them and that’s how I knew that I wanted to do 3D.

When I was a child, I was always obsessed by the visuals in video games.

I've always been passionate about creation in general and particularly drawing. It leads me to discover a game art school where I could learn 3d modeling and I knew from that point that creating for video games was what i wanted to do. Discovering such beautiful and intriguing sceneries and characters trough a story in a video games as always been an inspiration for me and I wanted to be a part of it.

I realized when I started taking drawing seriously and got interested in 3D. I watched an anime about game design and got interested in the subject, found ressources and wanted to get into a 3D modeling and game art school. After the first year, I decided to choose VFX over Game Art as I found it to best suit me.

I remember watching Brave and How to Train Your Dragon over a decade ago, stunned by the magic, and thinking "I want to do that someday". University and my first job led me to science and tech, but I always knew art was my true passion. Remembering that feeling, in 2020, I took the plunge and signed up for a VFX and Animation course in Geneva, ready to bring my dreams to life.

I've always wanted to work in the creative industry, but lacked the support to pursue it wholeheartedly. However, I'm now actively working to provide myself with that chance. First by enrolling in a game and VFX animation course in Geneva where I'm gaining the skills I've always wanted to acquire. My ultimate goal is to see my name in the credits of games that transport players to imaginary realms and give them a break from reality, just as games have done for me.

Since I first got my hands on a computer, I immediately started doing editing, videos, design, etc. It became my main point of interest, and I and always tried to learn new things to improve everywhere that I could. I knew I had to work in the visual creation field as an adult. When I first learned about my current school, SAE Institute Geneva, I knew that it was my dream carrer path, and I'm grateful to them for offering this learning cursus.

Since I understand the notion of work, I have always wanted to work in a creative profession.

When I was a child, I watched Avatar. And, like mostly of people at that time I was impressed by the environment of Avatar. So, I started to search how they did the movie and I watched some VFX Breakdown. Then, I started to play with After Effects during my free time and it became clear that I wanted to work in visual effects.