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I used to doodle lots of weird creatures during class in school. This was how I learned that I love to create creatures and other things that don’t exists. Later I got into a school focused on 3D-art although I had no experience in the field of game art (or 3D-art for that matter). I’ve been attending Playgroundsquad for almost a year now, and I’ve learned so much. I love creating 3D characters and aim to learn even more! One day soon I will be working professionally in the industry!

I felt the need to change career path and focus on being able to express my creative side. I have always had a passion for video games from a young age and being a 3D artist for games gives me the chance to achieve both of these goals!

I have been doing art for most of my life never really thinking much of it, and definetely not as a career choice. I was originally wanting to become a cook, but When I was close to graduating middle school one of my siblings had enrolled in a high school for game art which I didn't know existed at the time. Once I got wind of there being schools for game creation, and a lot of them specifically in sweden, i decided this was the path I wanted to go.

When I played my first game basically, it opened my eyes to a whole new world of entertainment and visual storytelling. And I am a creative individual who learns by trial and error and exploring different workflow approaches that satisfies my personal desire to create. I work great both in individual tasks and cooperative settings. Feedback is something I take value in and I always strive to better myself in every field of work.

In my mid 20's I wanted to do something else besides classical music and after testing blender and trying to make my own game demos I was hooked.

I remember getting a Game Boy Color for Christmas as a kid and was utterly mesmerized by the technology. Already then I felt like it was something I wanted to explore and work with in some way. To me, games and interactive media is the most interesting form of expression.

I was studying computer science and had a class about 3D modelling which also included rigging and animation. After that class I wanted to continue working with it! I had already an interest in art and this was right up my ally.

I have a background in criminology but always had this passion for games and creating realistic art, expressed through many hours on my PlayStation and in front a sheet of paper. I then recently discovered 3D art and thought it seemed really fun to do, so in middle of 2022 I decided to chase a dream of mine - working with games and learning 3D, by applying to a game art school. And I got accepted! A new journey awaits.

I've always loved making art ever since I was young, I first realized I wanted to work in the creative industry when I found out it was a valid and possible career path.

I have wanted to work in creative industries ever since I was a little kid.

I realised I wanted to work in art when I was a kid. I've always been interested in creating and expressing myself and being creative.

Since I've been very little, I have been on this path ever since I played my first video game!

I know that I have been wanting to work within some creative field since childhood, but not having a specific path in mind before 2019, when I decided to pick up on 3D modelling with the aspiration to work with games in the future.

Ever since I heard that it was a job you could actually have.

Since i played the "vinter i mumindalen!" at the tiny age of 9

During my last High School year was when I realized that I wanted to work with games.

My 3D journey started during my first year of high school back in 2019, a couple of months into a digital 3D class.

When I was 13, my mom gave me an old digital camera. That set me on a path of exploring my creative curiosity through photography. One day I stumbled upon videos on the free software blender, I realized I could create anything I could imagine. I was no longer bound to my camera and town, so I took all my knowledge I had learned from photography and started delving into the world of 3D

I have always been very creative and I have come up with silly ideas. I also have a huge interest in the gaming industry and I wanted to combine my creative side and my gaming interest.

I first started using Blender when making World of Warcraft renders with ripped assets. Over time I decided that I wanted to make my own models and creations in the end, and so that is what I focus on now.

I've been creative for as long as I can remember, and have always been interested in games and movies. But it wasn't until I discovered blender in 2018 that realized that I wanna turn this hobby into a profession.

I have always wanted to work with something creative, and one of my biggest interests is video games. After working many years with sign design i wanted to pursue a new career working with games.