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Since I was 12 I was attracted to the film business and film arts. I started doing my own home videos with my brothers and sister that would play roles as an actors and I will direct and write short stories.

I knew I wanted to work in the creative industry from a very young age. As soon as I got my hands on a computer and started experimenting with digital art, I knew it was meant for me.

I am a compositor currently residing in Vancouver,BC. I specialize in 2D & 3D Multi-pass Compositing, Paint, BC Prep, Rotoscoping, and Keying. Out of the pursuit and love of art, I have the confidence to become the world's top artist, which is also my dream.

Film and media was always my passion.

Creative engineer with good artistic skills and balanced aesthetic vision, professional IT background and competence in photography; delivers fast and quality results meeting production requirements and exceeding expectations; loves to work in a team helping co-workers and addressing supervisor notes.

I am passionate about VFX and latest technologies related to digital simulations, 3D modeling, and machine learning. Being an FX TD is the perfect blend of my technical knowledge and hunger for creativity. I look forward to working on triple-A titles as an FX TD in Canada.

There was never any doubt that I wanted to be part of the VFX industry. My love for movies and fascination of creating photo-real effects were the foundation of my pursuit for a career as an FX TD. To accomplish my goals to reach a new level of high quality work on feature film and TV series, I sought to master my craft at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects. There, I was able to produce my FX demo reel and acquire the skills to thrive in a high pressure environment.

I was most inspired by my brother growing up. He was always drawing and making art in so many different mediums. Compositing was the most fascinating form of art for me. In middle school, I fondly remember trying to create a hologram effect inspired by Iron Man 3. I hit so many roadblocks! The process of problem-solving was so addictive and sent me on a spiral of online resources to expand my knowledge of visual effects. I have been in this same spiral ever since, and I couldn't be happier.

I am a Compositor currently residing in Vancouver, BC, with over 4 years of combined international work experience in the VFX, film, and TV commercial industries. I specialize in 2D/3D Compositing, Multipass Compositing, Paint, Roto, BG Prep, and Keying.

Watching Thor Ragnarok in theaters, when the credits rolled and for the first time I payed attention to them. I wasn't happy bouncing between minimum wage jobs or construction labour gigs. Thought whey not take a shot

At the age of college time i was perusing Bachelor Degree in Information technology. during those times I was passionate on sketching and concept arts. by that year the movie named the Rise of planet of apes( 2011 ) hits the screen and my eyes where stunned watching the whole movies. I was really amazed by the work, specially the FX and CFX work. That is the moment I realized that I want to work in VFX industry as a FX Artist.

With an abstract articulation of meaning in ideas and thoughts, visual effects succeed at sparking an enormity of possibilities by adorning the mental space with impactful expressions and cohesive layouts. I started exploring imaginative traits of VFX artists in translating their visions into visibilities by watching breakdowns and technical analysis of movies and videogames on the web. Inspired by the work of all the amazing artists, I decided to pursue a career in VFX.

I am very passionate, eager to learn new skills and enjoy problem solving. I am specialized in Compositing as well as roto painting, CG integration, set extension, keying, and BG prep. I recently graduated from the Advanced VFX Compositing Program at Lost Boys | School of VFX. Since graduation, I have been working as a Junior Digital Paint Artist at Industrial Light & Magic. Website - https://kosukevfx.wixsite.com/compositing LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kosuke-iwasaki/

December 2019

After working as industrial designer for a few years, I realized that I was more interested in the visualization side that in the design itself so I made a career change.

I was always very creative growing up but when I finished high school I took the path of business because I thought that's whats expected of me since my family is in business. I was in my fourth year and the professor was talking about a typical day at work and I thought to myself I cannot do this for the rest of my life. So I thought about my passions and what I love which lead me into this AMAZING industry.

when I started Production Design I was very fascinated by CG and wanted to learn everything there was

Back in India when i was doing my Diploma in computer science engineering i was acting in short movies that were directed by my instructor but i knew i was bad at that and i moved to editing department i started loving the process and i wanted to do more and start working in movies and that when i got to now about Lost Boys school of VFX and now ill be graduating in VFX Compositing on August 28th

During my high school (2017) I started watching Game of Thrones, and it inspired many. For me, it opened the door towards a fascinating career. With Game of Thrones and Marvel taking the world by storm, I knew I wanted to build a career in VFX Compositing.

When I got the idea to write my first series, that took me in a long path to learn different ways to tell it: from live-action film to animation and now with VFX compositing.

I always had a passion for video editing, music, and creating visual memories. I initially wanted to become a film producer but after working on several short films I realized that my passion was more on the post-production side. I've always loved whimsical effects that are able to transport an audience into a whole new world, and after doing more research into HOW, and specifically watching a breakdown of LOTR, I knew that compositing was what I wanted to do.

Always been fascinated with the combination of technology and art

Growing up and even to this day, I have been deeply inspired by the power of visual effects. Every passing year, I am amazed by the astonishing progress of visual effects and their ability to push boundaries of storytelling beyond what was previously thought possible. Looking back at the movies I enjoyed as a child, I am struck by the stark contrast between the effects of yesteryear and the incredible magnitude of visual effects achieved in recent years.