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Since I was a child I have always loved to draw, big markers, small round watercolour palettes, everything was good for me to escape in the drawing. I started to take drawing classes when I entered high school, I began to create characters and think about the worlds that surround them by linking my passion for drawing and writing. At the end of high school these two passions led me to choose ECV Creative School & Community in Bordeaux.

Since I was little I was always attracted to the creative field. I was drawing in class, taking pictures, working on After effect and Photoshop on an old rotten laptop and in the middle of high school I discovered that there were people behind the animation films thanks to Pixar interviews. And Now I have started 3D 3 years ago and i will never stop !!! I love to create worlds, characters and stories through illustration and animation from concept to final render !! In a stylized way !!!

I realized when I was in high school that my love for the cinema and creating new content can be more than just a passion. Then, I started to plan my studies, and here I am, a cgi student!

Fascinated and passionate about 3D for many years, I always knew that I wanted to make it my profession. That's why it was natural for me to go to a school that offers this training such as ECV.

I think the life you give to a character, through animation, is a very pure and spontaneous form of creation. During a lecture by Samy Fecih, he once asked "How are you going to give life to a character if you don't enjoy your own life ?" This quote has since been engraved in my head, reminding me to give the most, but also to make sure I have a lot to give.

I remember my passion for drawing since kindergarten. When I was a little older, I began copying cartoon and manga. At 15 yo I was not satisfied anymore by the manga style and I began trying new things. It allowed me to discover a lot of differents art style, new ways to tell stories, new artists and an other way to talk about life and feelings. I think that’s what my art is about: my life and feelings.

I have always been drawn to people and how complex could their life and thoughts be. In highschool, I was already drawing a lot of characters when I discovered animation. Since then, my will to create characters that feel real and to tell who they are only grew. One year ago, even if I was already in art school, I discovered Pixar's Soul. It blends people who feel real and the little joys of life so perfectly it only gave me more motivation to help tell the life of new characters.

I realized back in middle school that i wanted to work in a field where i would be happy to wake up every morning to work on something i truely enjoy.

J'ai réalisé très jeune que je souhaitais travailler dans le milieu créatif. Petite, je répétais à mes parents : "Quand je serais grande, je ne veux pas aller tous les jours dans un bureau derrière un ordinateur, et faire ce qu'on me demande de faire sans que ça me plaise, je veux créer des choses" Du plus loin que je me souvienne, tous les métiers qui m'ont intéressés de mon enfance jusqu'à maintenant ont toujours eu un lien avec la création.

Junior 3D Animator / artist Je suis actuellement étudiante en master 5ème année à ECV Bordeaux en Game Art. Je me spécialise en animation 3D.

I started to draw just after I saw How to train your dragon 2, I wanted to move people with my creations, and this passion never got away, so here I am !

As far as I can remember, I’ve always drawn. First, it was a hobby but when I started to study economics, I realised I missed it too much. It was at this moment that a friend of mine talked to me about this field of activity. After three years of International Management studies, I finally took the decision to embrace my passion, and I’ve never looked back since.

Enfant déjà, j'adorais inventer et raconter des histoires diverses. C'est très vite devenue une passion et un rêve de carrière. Fraichement diplômé de mon Master 2 en Animation 3D à l'ECV Bordeaux, je m’intéresse à toutes les productions audiovisuelles en général. Je suis principalement spécialisé dans l'image de synthèse.

Drawing since I was a child, this reorientation seemed obvious to me if I wanted to fully blossom. After doing my preparatory year in Aix en Provence, I had the opportunity to join the ECV Bordeaux, which is specialized in animation and game design, a specialty that I liked more compared to those offered at the ECV Aix en Provence.

Since my younger age, I've been telling everyone that I want to be a big painter. I always knew I wanted to work in art, and in high school I fell in love with the animation industry, and then with 3D modeling !

When I go to university, I had an optional course that touched on creative media and entertainment. It was then that I realized the desire to want to work in this world and to be a cgi artist and today I'm happy to be in the first step which is to be cgi student.

I started to study graphic design in a high school in Bordeaux, this 3 years learning "art things" introduced me to the art community, and i fell in love with 3D modeling. Then, there we are, i'm improving my sculpt experience with a master degree at ECV. Maybe one day i'll be as incredible as my idols !

Depuis toute petite je suis passionnée par les dessins animés. J'ai donc commencé mes études dans l'animation 2D, car animer des histoires m'a toujours fasciné. Aujourd'hui, je suis en master animation 2D à l'ECV Bordeaux, je me suis spécialisée dans le concept art environnement et le background. j'ai toujours préféré créé les décors. Je suis en train de réaliser un court-métrage de fin d'étude et suis à la recherche d'un stage pour l'été 2020.

Je dessine depuis que je suis toute petite et n'ai jamais arrêté. J'ai toujours voulue tenter d'en vivre mais ne je ne l'ai envisagé qu'en terminal lorsque, lors de journées portes ouvertes, j'ai découvert l'immense champs de possibilités de carrière qui s'offrait à moi. J'ai put découvrir, au sein de mon cursus, de nouveaux métier comme animateur 2D ou Concept artist qui sont aujourd'hui de nouveaux centre d'intérêt.

Passionné de bande dessinée depuis toujours, mon vécu à Bruxelles à réveillé cette passion. La volonté de raconter des histoires est revenue de plein fouet et je n'ai pas eu d'autre choix que de reprendre le crayon. L'animation et tout ce qui la concerne m'a passionné suite à la claque visuelle du film "Spiderman Into the Spider-verse". Je connaissais bien sûr les classiques Disney, mais ce film fut une révélation. J'ai donc par la suite commencé une nouvelle formation.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to see cartoons like the Looney Tunes, specially because of Daffy Duck. With time I realised that I no longer wanted to just be a spectator but also someone who could give life to characters as crazy and as iconic as him. This is a career where you never stop learning and gain experience as you mature but at the same time it allows you to laugh and be as silly as a kid. It's all about discipline but also about being as free and creative as one can be.

I'm really enjoyed but riot illustration,

Etudiant en Game Art, j'aimerais intégrer une entreprise, dans le cadre d'un stage me permettant de prendre de l’expérience, dans le domaine professionnel du concept art / environnement 3D mais je suis aussi formé dans la 3D généraliste.

Passionnate about studying animation and fascinated by visual development since boyhood, I'm a french concept artist.