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I aways was attracted to the artistic world, first in drawing, then I discovered 3D with the movie Avatar (james Cameron) and i fell in love with it I choose to specialized in character Rigging, an option I am more at ease then the others (and because body's mecanism is incredible) I have some basic knowledge on modeling too . I'm currently on my 4 year of 3D school, I'll graduate this summer.

It may be a cliche but I think I really began to be interested in 3D when I first watched "How to Train your Dragon". I wanted to make the same things. I then discovered (of course) Blender, and that was the start.

In my childhood, my parents bought a DVD at the Futuroscope called "Imaginatrip Vol.4". I especially remember the short film "Oktapodi" by the student of Gobelins. I think I saw it about twenty times because I was so fascinated by its animation.

It's been 3 years that my daily life revolves around 3D

Visual effects enjoyer

I've been a fan of video games and animated films since I was a kid, but it was in my last year of high school that I decided that I wanted to make it my job and my passion.

When I watched my first animated film

when I was 14 when I did an internship in a motion capture company

I have always been a fan of computer graphics and visual effects as well as the technologies behind these creative disciplines.

I love animation and previs, so I learn animation and previs

Star wars movies makes me want to work in cinema industry, and then i saw Avatar and get more and more interested about CGI and visual effect

I figured that i wanted to work in creative industries in hight school

I did realise I wanted to work in creative industries in 2023.

J'ai toujours été attirée par la création, j'ai commencé dès le lycée à m'y consacrer avec un bac STD2A.

It was in May 2020 during the lockdown in France, I started to learn Blender with some tutorials on Youtube. 1 year after that I began to answer my self what I wanted to do after my college and quickly I decide to search 3D animation schools !

Since I was 13 I made my own creations. I started with some 3d intro on youtube and realised that I wanted to do better and more hoping that one day I'll work on movies.

I was initially interested in cinema and this is what led me to discover 3D, I haven't left it since.

I saw a short video where there is a little fox who climb a mountain in the snow with fx and animation and after i saw the same video but with the gray render. I said that's what i want to do.

When I was a kid I grew up watching a lot of animated movies, as I grew older I decided I wanted to work in the industry so I could help bring to life new movies that could create passion in the eyes of the new generation.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet but when I went to university in biology, I realised I needed something else. I wouldn't be happy being a vet all my life. The covid lockdown helped me realise what I like doing is things that are creative in general. It took me another year to realise I wanted to do 3D in particular.