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I was inclined towards art and drawing since childhood. I would keep drawing characters from comic books but mainly from television cartoon series. I was very much fascinated by characters like He-man or Ben 10 and later, video game characters especially from the Assassin's Creed series. I started developing curiosity to how games are developed and so around 2016 to 2017, I decided I wanted to get into Game design, specifically character design

I am a creative and detail-oriented 3d artist with a comprehensive background in detail arts. Specializing in prop modeling, asset modeling, Organic sculpting. Self-motivated and hard-working, also worked as a freelancer

The spark was always there. I grew up reading comic, watching cartoons and playing video games. I liked them so much that i tried to make those thing alive in real world with my doodles. I used to doodle while attending boring lectures😅, or doing homework or whenever i felt alone😶.So its hard to really pinpoint where's the beginning. But an year ago, i finally made my mind about being in this industry. Well, we all get only one life and I would spend that doing the things which i like.....🙃

because i really wanted to be in a creative field and also wanted to explore more about the Gaming Industry like how it works .

I found interested in this field when I realized what we can do with the 3d software in this industries.

when I was giving preboared exam in 12th class, from Artemisia college (ACAD), they came to my school for seminar .they explain about animation and creative media .then after understanding I changed my decision and got admission in design college .