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Hala Hala, I'm Pascal. I'm an architectural designer living in Lebanon. However, my passion for visual storytelling led me to explore the world of motion graphics. Drawing upon my architectural background, I bring a unique perspective to this field. It's an exhilarating path that allows me to express my creativity in exciting ways. With each project, I strive to push my boundaries further, constantly challenging myself to create visually stunning and impactful work.

In my last two years in school, i entered classes focused on scientific studies until i realized that i wanted to enter the CG world and become a visual effects artist. In July 2020 I graduated with a BA in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media from ALBA in Lebanon, and now i am looking for a another school to continue my learning path

when I was young, my siblings introduced me to video games and movies; the days passed and at around the year 2020 i realized i want to be a part of those industries.

Video games and anime were a big part of my childhood, I discovered that there's a thing called concept art where we design characters and levels, and used to go crazy to unlock some of them in any game or even buy them ! It was then when I knew that this would be my dream job, and started drawing everyday afterwards. Discovered digital art after a while, and since then, my passion grew bigger and bigger.

Five years ago, I decided to dive into the Digital Arts world. I finished a bachelor in Computer science and computer animation and graduated as a 3D generalist. I was from the best but not nearly as good as the industry requires me to be. So I'm still trying my best to work and learn on my own and someday reach the level I need to embark on a professional career.

I realized I wanted to be a game developer from a young age I was always fascinated by developing games and wanted to create my own.

when i finish my architectural graduation i realized my passion about 3d art work

Since early years

An Interior Designer that always had the biggest passion for Films and Games. I graduated with a Bachelor in Interior Design (high distinction), and was ready to proceed with my Master's degree abroad. However, my mind changed last minute and decided to pursue VFX diploma program to expand my scope of field.

I realized I wanted to work in the creative industries ever since I was a child. The joy and fulfillment I experienced when transforming my imagination into tangible creations made me know for sure that I wanted to dedicate my life to the world of creativity and artistic expression.

My fondest memory was in middle school when with the help of my friends, I created Blincks, a role playing game featuring Elas, Ignis, Aumia, and Amor as main characters. We also drew Djouba Badjinji another character displayed as their mortal enemy. It may have been an amateurish start, but it kindled in me a passion to create and design fictional worlds.

when I started working with minecraft textures I saw the opportunity of the 3d industry. thats when I decided , that to enter that world I needed to expand my abilities and experiences.

During my first exposure to the world of digital art back in 2004

It was a childhood dream... At first I didn't take it seriously as a career, and left it as a dream. until I started in 2017 in the field of 3D, only to realize that my dream would come true...

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a friend of mine introduced me to all of this and started helping me to learn 3d modelling as a beginning.