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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: UTS Animal Logic Academy
TerraChi is an interactive VR experience that transports the user to a stylised world where Tai chi inspired moves and biometrics allow the user to change the world around them.

TerraChi presents an enticing aesthetic experience, a user-driven adventure for all skill levels, and a place to relax. As the user explores a beautifully stylised depiction of a floating world inhabited by animated origami creatures, they will find special portals where the fox master (a personal virtual sifu) demonstrates a new move and unlocks a terra-forming power inspired by the five elements of the wu-xing. Using these moves, the viewer can grow trees, create fire balls and shape the earth. The breathing of the TerraChi practitioner is visualized on the floating island to further connect the virtual world to the users' inner chi (or to promote mindfulness).

Animation: Carol Amadio, Modelling, Surfacing, ParticleFX - Halil Basiacik, Concept Art, Modelling: Daniel Baird, Surfacing: Andrew Battye, Research and Development: Hannah Chu, Surfacing: Emma Cooney, Research and Development Jess D'Ali, Modelling, Lighting: Aaron De Leon, Particle FX: Alejandro Garrido, Layout, Lighting : Alessandra Grasso, Modelling, Surfacing : Akishi Ling, Modelling : Ravindra Naidoo, Animation, Mocap, 2d art: Mai Pham, Animation, Mocap : Ben Streek, Surfacing, Lighting: Grace Testa, Modelling, Surfacing: Laurie Wu, Modelling: Ding Yu , Animation: Jason Zhao

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