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Sky Command

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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Kat Gray, Matt Levonian, Malone Lumarda, Jack Elliott, WT Greer IV, Briana Billups, Yuvan Wickramasinghe, & Sky Command Team
 Sky Command is a cooperative, 2-player VR game created for the HTC Vive. It was designed to be in a VR arcade or part of similar location-based entertainment; it is a 15 minute experience of frantic communication and riotous action on the broken down sci-fi world of Cradle. With your partner, you have to fly an airship through enemy territory and destroy critical enemy infrastructure, all while defending against enemy ships and repairing damage aboard your own. We aim to have players to laugh, scream, and shout, and then go and pull another of their friends in to play again. 

Check out a playthrough of the the game here:

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