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Dream Makers

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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Dimosthenis Gkantzos, Lukas Gotkowski, Fabian Fiess,, Aleksandra Todorovic, Eddy Hohf, Pascal Schelbli, Fynn Große-Bley,
"Dream Makers” is a co-operative game for two players. Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams in his lab and his assistant who is in a lab nearby build dreams together.
Morpheus looks for the right ingredients on the Tablet and sends them in the VR World. Meanwhile he is fighting against clouds that pop up on the screen and cover everything. The Dream Book with hints is also there to help him.
The assistant has to mix the ingredients together to create one of the dreams! A wrong combination and you get a nightmare-moster! Not to forget, always beware of the clock ticking against you!

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