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Ygg: A tale of Ascension

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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Oliver Granlund, Emil Ström, Love Degerstedt, Simon Ulander, Tobias Ahlgren, Johanna Bockhammar, Sebastian Emanuelsson, Anton Kavousi, Niclas Nettelblat
Ygg is a story of a nomad journeying through harsh winter lands together with a companion spirit and flute. Join Ygg in this immersive tale of a vast world, and uncover the legend of a lost civilization. Throughout the game you’ll face a variety of puzzles left behind by your ancestors, the now forgotten civilization you were once a part of. Use your flute to interact with the environment and solve the puzzles.

It was created in 7 weeks at Futuregames as a school project

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