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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Ian Ring, Christian Allan, Jamie Juarez, Joeseph Payeur, Andrew Ferguson, Skye Roessler, Brandon Guillot
READY ACTION DRIVER (RAD) is an indie game originally created by four friends who wanted to bring it back to the feeling of classic arcade games, with new age elements. RAD borrows styles from TRON, Outrun, and Vaporwave aesthetics.

RAD is a 1v1 multiplayer elimination game where you must force your opponent to run into a trail that you produce as you traverse the globe-like sphere you play on. However the catch is that the sphere shrinks over time, and you have access to boost and shield powers, so you must adapt to win.

RAD delivers quick, exciting matches that make you want to keep playing "just one more time".

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