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Created: May 22, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Game Artists: Jean-Edouard MARCONNET, Vincent GAUTIER, Guillaume HUC, Sebastian VILLALBA / Game Designer: Thomas CAYUELAS / Composers: Sebatian HALAS, Emma LUTRINGER / Specialist Student - Modelling&Surfacing : Julie CRUETTE
Mercand is an economic management game which takes place the county of Forez (France) during the hundred years war.  The player will embody a merchant who will take economic control of the region with the goal of establishing his own business empire.

The player faces environmental challenges and natural hazards, either historically based or fictionalized, that affect his gameplay.

The main objective of the game is for the player to acquire a certain amount of money and a number of workshops in each of the five cities throughout Forez  county, which is currently known as the Loire region.

The game's context and environmental details are historically accurate. For this project, we are working with a number of iconic references and an history professor, who has been guiding us since the beginning.

The game is available free here :

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