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Falling Sky Poster
Location 1 - Eastlakes House
Location 2 - Diner
Location 3 - Mansion
Location 4 & 5 - City & Police Office
Location 6 - Forest

Project Details

Created: May 15, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Jonathan Nielssen (Director, Developer, Animator, Narrative Designer, Character Designer, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, Programmer, AI programmer) Nikolay Savov (Producer) Seymour Milton (Composer) Mohsen Shah (Dialogue and story Writer) Zsofi Szem
Falling Sky is a cinematic 3D mystery game developed at the National Film and Television School [NFTS] and led by Jonathan Nielssen as the director and sole game developer. The project uses Unreal Engine and motion capture technology in the attempt to create an immersive narrative-driven drama with a Twin Peaks’ infuence and elements of open world adventure.

Set across the sprawling landscape of American suburbia, the story opens with Daniel - a 20-something-year-old university student who comes back home one day to fnd his younger brother Tommy abandoned by their Mom. With only a series of cryptic messages to guide them through the mysterious Daniel’s hometown has become, the brothers set off on an atmospheric quest to discover the truth behind their mother’s disappear-ance.

I really wanted to make a game I would play myself and to build on my knowledge of story and gameplay development. It all started with my attempt to blend point-and-click adventure gameplay with open world exploration. For that, I drew on infuences from Legend of Zelda for its atmosphere and open world elements, on Japanese RPG games which captivated me with their elaborate graphics and on more narrative focused games like Heavy Rain for their use of cine-matography and technology.

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