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Video Description
Falling Snow

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Created: May 30, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Cindy Gozali
Falling Snow is a 2D casual mobile game. The concept is very simple and intuitive - rotate the phone or press buttons to rotate the game screen to make the snowball pass through the ice box using gravity, while avoid touching the icicle.

The objective for giving two gameplay options was so that players can play even when they can't move freely. The intuitive concept makes it easy for all ages to play and enjoy. When beat the high score will show a fireworks effect, and all the scores are displayed on a single screen for easy comparison.

The game has 3 basic shapes and symbolisms - Snowball Circle (energy), Ice Box Square (balance) and Icicle Triangle (Aggression). Getting the speed of the game right took a few rounds of play testing. I also tried to focus on small details to improve the experience, for example - when the snowball reaches the bottom, it will show a happy face and when it touches the icicle, it will burst to become small snow flakes.

Here is link to download the game

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