The Rookies is changing - Find out how it will impact you.
Redesign. Player running avoiding danger.
Redesign. Player running over the generated level.
Redesign. Player is jumping over the lava tile.
Redesign. Closer look at pikes trap and behind the character
Redesigned. Player jumping over lava. Behind.

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Created: March 09, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Markiian Benovskyi
Last year I decided to make my first game for mobile devices, to get myself into game development industry and try something on my own.
So every night after work I went home and continued working on this game. And this year, in January, I finaly released it on mobile devices.

 Game includes:
  • Achievements
  • Infinite level
  • 17 unique character designs
  • 2 types of traps
  • Awesome pixel graphics
  • Score multiplier algorithm
  • Collect coins, and earn skins! 


This is an infinite running game of genre arcade and running. I chose this type as my first game genre because it seems pretty easy for me in development. The point is to collect more coins and beat the high score of other players. 

The style of game was chosen to be low poly to easy mesh development and materials. But with such setting this game would look badly. So I decided to add some post processing to my game, distortion, and glow effect of some meshes.

There are two types of traps available on your path. The first one is ‘block of lava’ that kills player instantly, and the second is ‘spike’ that will also kills the player instantly, but the initial idea was that spikes would damage player only on half HP. Both these traps are deadly and after that a screen appears with your running statistics. There you can start a new run or exit to the menu.

In main menu there are some small icons for choosing characters, opening daily loot and viewing your statistics for last run and whole game. The statistics menu is not fully ready yet. There is much space for more stats and they will be added soon. Your collected coins are displayed on the middle top of main menu, and you can purchase different skins with these coins. Scins price vary from low to high and some scins are pretty expensive.

Currently I am working on redesigning the project completely for new style. More modern and simple. Adding more statistical data viewable by players. Also the idea is to add more danger to the game and some powerups. Now I redesigned the overall elements a little, fixed some major bugs, added 2 more animations for player, more sounds and currently work on adding analytics. New screenshots are updated on this project page. Game is completely available to play from store for iOS and Android. But there is old version without redesigning yet. And I wish to upload new version soon to attract more people and more players.


You can download this app on both appsotres. This game it is free to download.

Link to Apple Store:
Link to Android Store:

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