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The Sandman
Boom Pole Removal
Smoke Breakdown
Intro Title Process

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Created: May 30, 2018    POPULAR
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Created by: Richard Duan, Taos Whittaker, Ben Jannasch, Natalia Hermida, Yelim Heo
A 10-minute live-action/VFX short film created about the mystical Sandman. The project was the result of a collaboration between students at Chapman University and AMD Studios through the 2017 AMD Pitchfest. The film utilizes a variety of software and techniques from traditional visual effect compositing, real-time environments, photogrammetry, and 3D animation
Synopsis: "Based off the European Folk Tale of the same name, The Sandman goes round his nightly routing of putting people to sleep in the small French town of Fuveau. All goes well until he accidentally puts a railway operator to sleep, and finds that he must seek a way to wake him up before two oncoming trains collide with each other. "

Creative Director/Visual Effects: Richard Duan
Creative Director/Visual Effects: Taos Whittaker
Creative Director/Visual Effects: Ben Jannasch
Director: Natalia Hermida
Producer: Yelim Heo
Editor: Scott Coleman
Set Designer: Alberto Achar
Cinematographer: Santiago Cervantes Dávila
Colorist: Elliott Powell
Sound Designer: Anna Woźniewicz
Composer: Martin de Lima

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